Commentary on Movies and TV by Brian Holcomb

Saturday, December 06, 2003


You know it when you see it. KINETic, it makes you feel that rush of adrenalin that reminds you that you are alive. It is not passive, not a doormat. This movie will not go quietly. It aims to fire your synapses in ways that only cinema can. It speaks to you in the plastic language of cinema. Effortless. It makes you feel the prescence of the filmmaker within the film. The KINETOFILM should inspire you to go out and shoot a film NOW! Yeah, but does it MEAN anything? If you need to ask that question you've come to the wrong place. A KINETOFILM is defined by what it is, not what it says. I choose to divide the cinema into KINETOFILMS and everything else. What movies excite YOU about filmmaking and make you want to go out and shoot your own film? Post your thoughts here.