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Friday, November 30, 2007


Filmmakers are always looking for music to score their films and no one composer is always right for every film. JAMES IERACI does excellent work for my films but sometimes I need something a little bit off his beaten path. Luckily, the net is filled with composers just trying to get their work heard. With the rise of Creative Commons Licensing, all that's needed is a proper screen credit and the music is "free". One of the best is Kevin Mcleod of INCOMPETECH.COM. He has tons of high quality Mp3 files of his music, with pieces ranging from the epic, to horror, rock and roll and jazz.

But if you want something more "professional", then you can't beat this offer from MOBY-

i've recently started a website called
it's pretty simple.
it's a website that provides free music for independent and non-profit filmmakers.
there's no catch.
if you're an independent or non-profit film/video maker you can go there and download free, pre-licensed music for your film/video.
see, i was a film student at suny purchase(back when they offered an experimental film major), and ever since i've had a lot of friends in the world of indie film. and their biggest complaint is that it's hard/onerous/expensive to try and license music for low budget(or no budget)films.
so that's why i started
free music for indie filmmakers.
i hope that you find it helpful.

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