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Sunday, September 26, 2010


by Brian Holcomb

Since the OFCS (Online Film Critics Society) is compiling its Top 100 First Films list, I decided to publish my picks here for the Top 25:

1. Citizen Kane (Welles)
2. Knife in the Water (Polanski)
3. L'Age d'Or (Bunuel)
4. Eraserhead (Lynch)
5. Reservoir Dogs (Tarantino)
6. Breathless (Godard)
7. Blood Simple (Coens)
8. Badlands (Malick)
9. Repo Man (Cox)
10. Duel (Spielberg)
11.The Evil Dead (Raimi)
12. Mad Max (Miller)
13. Henry V (Branagh)
14. The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (Argento)
15. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (Cimino)
16. The Maltese Falcon (Huston)
17. Murder a'la Mod (De Palma)
18. Night of the Living Dead (Romero)
19. The Duellists (Scott)
20. Targets (Bogdanovich)
21. Airplane (Zucker, Abrams, Zucker)
22. Night of the Hunter (Laughton)
23. This is Spinal Tap (DiBergi Reiner)
24. Bottle Rocket (Wes Anderson)
25. Hard Eight (Paul Thomas Anderson)


Stephen M said...

Hmm, I would have to include The Shawshank Redemption by Frank Darabont. Been very popular for a long time.

Brian said...

SHAWSHANK nearly made the list and is missing mostly from tiredness. It could easily replace many of the titles above. HOWEVER, there was one thing that I think may have kept it off-most of my other picks were extremely auteurist. Works by some strong personalities that were bold. I'm not sure if Darabont rises above the material the way Huston did with MALTESE. But nonetheless it's a great movie-and also NOT QUITE a debut since he directed the made for TV movie BURIED ALIVE with Jennifer Jason Leigh earlier. No one remembers this though-not even the OFCS since the film was on their candidates list.

ppod said...

Pather Panchali by Satyajit Ray should be on that list!!