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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Scarlet -- RED Pocket Professional Camera?

Well, the net's abuzz with the leaked "announcement" of the RED ONE's junior sized model, dubbed the "Scarlet". This is to be unveiled at NAB 2008 and is being referred to as a "pocket professional camera". "Pocket" suggests a small and possibly prosumer model, but it's possible that this is a real tweener, something less than the RED ONE's US$17,000 plus price tag but still more than the US$7,000 range marketed by Sony, Canon, JVC and Panasonic. If it comes with variable frame rates and some of the bells and whistles of the RED it may win the Pepsi challenge for many indie filmmakers. Here's the question: What features would it have to have to be worth more than US$7,000?


Anonymous said...

It would have to equal or surpass Sony's xdcam-ex in quality and workflow, that's the new $6500 champ.

Brian said...

I agree. The problem RED might find is that creating a scaled down version of the RED ONE might be pointless in terms of marketability. It would have to be significantly modest in order to motivate the sales of it's bigger brother yet not so scaled back that Sony etc have an edge on them.

Violet said...

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