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Sunday, January 13, 2008


I'm sure many of you have already seen this mock trailer elsewhere but it's worth putting up here to talk about how much one can do when editing to create an effect on the audience. I'm in the middle of editing my own trailer so this is very much on my mind. The work done here by editor Chris Rule uses every technique imaginable, from filtering the audio to the slow fade ins and outs, and the use of musical stingers to create jolts. There's been lots of these trailer mashups done lately, like transforming The Shining into a romantic comedy but I think this one seems to be the closest to actually looking like a real movie. If you never heard of Mary Poppins this might look like a really spooky late '60s-early 70s horror movie about a demonic nanny with telekinetic powers who terrorizes her wards. All of the tools of horror filmmaking are largely plastic and can be placed onto images to create the efffect as you can see here. Is it me or doesn't Julie Andrews look really creepy when she looks in the mirror? I've watched this several times and there seems to be an odd effect here that makes her head turn really unnatural.

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